stream: Yagi, “Bellwood”


Melt until you can’t. Yagi is an electronic producer based in Saitama, Japan. He has recently released his new EP, “Bellwood” from BRRWD/Jakarta Records and it’s available to listen and purchase (download link here). This collection of beats were created during his one year stay in Toronto, Canada. Collecting sounds mainly from folk records, Yagi’s sounds jumps from ambient to Hip Hop, as if to separate listeners from earth. It’s an ultimate chill-out music to let you go of what binds you. Stream below.


listen: Living, “Risen”


Drunk in love with sun-soaked psychedelic tropicalia. Born in Brazil and based in Norway, a producer Lucas de Almeida’s project Living is back again for a refreshing Balearic jam, “Risen”. Led by Tropical tabla samples and reverb-heavy psychedelic sounds, Almeida creates a dreamy oasis. You just need to lay yourself down and soak up the sun. Living’s is preparing for the release of an EP late October from Brilliance Records. Stay tuned.

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stream: Debz, “Extended Play”


Dare to reach the unknown forces. Lights + Music HQ, as known as wherever I am with my laptop, receives a ton of interesting submissions every day. We were both surprised and confused about this newly founded New York based label, Choice Records. They reportedly started in 2016 and specialize in releasing rare albums and singles on vinyl record. Their first release is by a Colorado based songwriter, Debz and her EP called “Extended Play”. From her punkish introduction on “Plastic Wrap” to bonkers electro pop “Barbizon”, she makes sure she is heard. Crying, laughing, yelling and singing. Despite all the Lo-Fi soundscapes she creates, Debz’ freewheeling nature is somehow adorable and charming. Stream the record and check out their different ‘rare’ releases here.

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listen: Katie Gately, “Lift”

KATIE GATELY - Press 1 - Credit Jasmine_Safaeian - 750x500

Every childish sonic instinct combined. LA’s electronic producer Katie Gately is set to release her new LP, “Color” from Tri Angle on October 14. Listen to “Lift”, a abrasive and intense album opener to which the artist says, “I wanted to open the record densely, freely and quickly both as a warning and invitation!”. Listen below.


【Announcement】Lights + Music presents at Tokyo Art Book Fair2016


We, Lights + Music are happy to announce again that this year, we will have our own booth at one of the biggest art book fairs in Asia, Tokyo Art Book Fair2016 on September 16-19.

With unique contributors including French children book writer Gabriel Gay, Japanese book writer for educational English books Haruka Ohno, Tokyo-native creative masterminds SHARAH and YOSHI and Tokyo designer team Momongamix, as well as Sydney artist Genevieve Harnett, we will be presenting books, CDs, Zines, Photobooks, post cards from elsewhere and etc, etc. Also notably, New York producer Exitpost is also joining the force, putting out his original CD and artbook. I myself, will also release an art book in collaboration with Canadian designer Christina and Swiss creator Valentin. Drop by!

Details are below.

Dates: September 16th (Thurs) through 19st (Sun), 2016
Venue: Kyoto University of Art and Design, Tohoku University of Art and Design GAIEN CAMPUS
1-7-15 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
L+M will have a booth on September 18 and 19.

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listen: Paffgen, “Channel View”

スクリーンショット 2016-09-10 20.09.35

Hey, if you are a keen follower of J-indie, the newest Vegetable Record is something that you should not miss out. The debut single from Paffgen, who is one of the founding members of the said label, is now available to download digitally and you can also purchase the 10″ single in advance by signing up for their croudfunding campaign here. Running over the 10 min, Paffgen’s musical vision unfolds really, REALLY big. It’s part ambient, part noise, and part chill-wave. His imagination will both overwhelm and wrap you up with freakishly comfortable sonic booms.


listen: SNØ, “Sunrise”


Lights + Music inbox is full of wonders. From ambitious electro power pop to head-banging rock n roll bangers for metal heads (why, though?), we receive a ton of interesting submissions. Today we found something particularly mysterious. His name is SNØ. Neither does he have any SNS presence or official website, but his debut single “Sunrise” is a catchy and quality Scandinavian pop tune that speaks loud enough. Check below.

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download: Le Son, “Without A Sound”


Moving on with or without sounds. London’s electro duo made of Liam Fergus & Emily Ad, Le Son, is putting out their 7″ single “Without A Sound” from Southeast London’s experimental pop label Squareglass on October 7. Beautifully mixing elements of R&B, Soul and Trip Hop, the duo creates a soundscape of their own. It’s otherworldly, bewitching, and luscious. It’s available to download freely from the widget below.


listen: Lanks, “Holla”


Hello! It’s been a long time since we made the last post. The reason why is because I had been out traveling Europe: Helsinki, Berlin, Copenhagen to be more exact. While I was in Helsinki I had an opportunity to meet the creative team behind Revs Magazine and we are seeking ways to collaborate soon, so don’t go anywhere.

While we were away, Melbourne’s singer songwriter and our favourite Lanks released his latest single “Holla”. Jazz influenced grooves, soulful melodies and emotional guitar sounds. All of what makes people fall in love with his music is condensed in 4 min. Listen below.

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listen: Elderbrook, “Closer”


Just need to get closer, closer. UK’s up-and-coming and an overlooked songwriter that we love so much, Elderbrook has a new single, “Closer” and you can listen to it from the widget below. It’s a matured and comfortably restrained dance track, with a distant piano riffs which makes your heartstrings ring with tears.

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